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Film Shoot Catering Menu

Set menu

Film Shoot Breakfast Menu 1 - $15.90 per person

Bacon and Egg Brioche Roll with Yoghurt fruit and museli cup

Film Shoot Breakfast Menu 2 - $16.50 per person

Mixed Breakfast Wraps with seasonal fruit platter 

Film Shoot Breakfast Menu 3 - $15.00 Perperson

Mixed Breakfast Croissant with homemade muffin of the day

Film Shoot Lunch Menu 1  - $19.90 per person

Gourmet Mixed Salad Box with Chefs Slice of the day

Film Shoot Lunch Menu 2  - $19.90 per person

Homemade Quiche and Salad with chocolate cake

Bulk Feed 12 people apply $21.50 pp

Tray of beef or vegetable Lasagne

Garlic bread

Mixed Salad

Mixed Fruit and slices

Bulk Feed $21.50 pp

Make your own Burger Beef, Chicken and Veg Burger

with cheese, chutney tomato cucumber buns

(1 per Person)

with Pasta Salad

and Fruit Salad

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