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All our Cakes, Tarts and Cookies Require 48 hours Notice


Tartlets - Mini $3.5  Large $4.5 each (1 dozen of each flavour apply)

Lemon Curd

Black Cherry Cheese Cake

Caramel Cinnamon 

Pecan Passion Silk Mango Passion 

Almond Apple and blueberry


Cupcakes - Mini $3.5  Large $4.5 each (1 dozen of each flavour apply)

(These are a fantastic alternative to a whole cake.) 

Banana and Caramel Carrot Caramel 

Pecan Chocolate

Raspberry cream 

Lemon Curd 

Sticky Passion fruit 

Poppy Seed and Orange 

Oreo chocolate 

Lemon (gluten free) 

Hazelnut and Chocolate (gluten free)


Friands - Mini $3.5  Large $4.5 each (1 dozen of each flavour apply)

(These are filled with ground almonds and fresh berries) 


Mixed berry 

Banana and coconut 

Berry and chocolate S



Cookies - Mini $2  Large $3 each (1 dozen of each flavour apply)



Chocolate chip 


G/free Peanut Chocolate Chip


Whole Cakes - 10"- $44 or8"- $40


Carrot Cake

Reliable favourite pineapple and walnut moist cake with cream cheese icing and toasted coconut,

sunflower seed, apricot, and walnut garnish


Decadent chocolate Cake

Delicious and moist espresso-infused finish with a rich chocolate ganache


Banana Caramel 

Moist banana cake topped with dollop of caramel butter cream 


Lemon Syrup Cake 

Delicious unique cake awakening your taste buds with subtle lemon 


Orange Sunrise 

Moist stunning orange cake with orange cream cheese frosting


Large Tarts - 10"- $44


Mocha Tart

Rich chocolate espresso-topped with dark chocolate


Rhubarb and Raspberry

Sharp tang of Raspberry mixed with subtle flavor of Rhubarb


Cherry Cheese Cake

Black Cherry folded through a rich Lemon Cheese Cake


Chocolate Blueberry Tart

Delicious and decadent blueberry and chocolate tart


Lemon Citrus Tart

Classic tart made with freshly juiced lemons, fresh cream and eggs


Blackberry and Apple Crumble Pie

Blackberries and apples baked into a sweet butter pastry and topped with an brown sugar



Sweet Treats

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